Tuesday, 24 February 2009

More pictures thanks to Trish :)

Well, it's time to post some more pictures of our time here on the ROK (5 months left)!! Whenever we go out, everyone has a camera. These are some that Trish had on her camera.

Matt getting ready to smile for the camera :)
Celebrating "6" months of Marriage
Trish and I decided to bake cookies with the left over Christmas cookie cutters we had.
These masks were in Trish and Ben's room....we thought it would make a good picture!
Matt and Becca's husband Andy singing along to a song at a bar in Osan.
Becca and I watching on as our adorable husbands sing to us :)
JD....the Juvat squadron dog loves me so much. I feed him turkey whenever he comes to our door. People tell me that some days, when I am at school, he will just sit at my door and wait for turkey.
Posing for the camera
Here we are at another Juvat function. The "What is good?" on our dresses was actually Matt's idea..... :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

We have been pretty busy here in Korea with Christmas, New Years and then Valentines Day. We are ready next month to go back to the good old USA for 2 weeks!! Here are some pictures from what we have been up to!
Here is Matt and "Dead Eye" buying me and his girlfriend flowers

Here we are dancing at Matt's squadron bar "Bruni's" I am a horrible dancer, but Matt loves it! We danced all night.

How do you like my sunglasses?
Here I am with a bunch of the other wives and girlfriends that were visiting. Trish and I are the only wives that live here and teach.

Here I am really upset when my car blew a flat tire on our way home from Seoul. Matt had to get me 4 new tires. I had no car, so I was forced to learn stick shift! I was so proud of myself. I drove a stick shift everyday to work. I am actually glad that this made me learn!
A close up of the flat....it was pretty bad!
On the Korean tow truck being taken to base. This tow cost us 30,000 won, which is about $27.00!
Me being a good wife and making all of the guys in the dorms breakfast after a night out :)

The 3 teachers having fun!

I am so glad to have Becca and Trish here!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

For New Years, a group of us headed up to Seoul. What a wonderful weekend! Matt and I lived like royalty!! We used my entire teaching paycheck to live like kings and queens at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul. We order room service everyday, we got massages, and we ate at the finest restaurants! It was such a great time!

Our official 2009 New Years kiss! It was actually 12:00am exactly in this picture!

Here is my pink bike that Matt got me for Christmas! I love it so much!!
It has a bell, so on Christmas morning, I was riding up and down the halls ringing the bell and shouting "Merry Christmas!"

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008 came and went. It was really hard not being with our families this year. But having such a great group of people to celebrate with in Korea made Christmas great! Matt's squadron threw a Juvat Christmas Party at the "Ritz Plaza" in Kunsan City. When I say Ritz, it is not exactly the same Ritz you are thinking of. This is Korea! But it was a great time. The best part was when Santa came out!! Here is Trish and I at the Christmas Party on Christmas Eve
Matt and I

Trish and I sitting on Santa's lap.....take a closer look and guess who played Santa!

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus!

Our very own Juvat (that is the name of Matt's squadron) stockings!

The kids didn't know what to think of "Santa." I told Matt Santa was suppose to be sweet and loving. But most of the kids were scared....and they were questioning why Santa was wearing a black wig?

Matt's entire squadron voted him to play the part of Santa....He loved it!

It was a really nice evening with friends!

Overdue photos of us in Korea

It has been a while since I have posted pictures of our adventures here in Korea. We just found out that Matt is going to fly the new F-35 plane in Flordia. So come December 2008, we are off to another adventure. In the mean time, here is what we have been up to on the ROK (Republic of Korea).
They threw a free concert for everyone on base.
They gave us free shirts for being the only girls around :)

Here is one of Matt's students. They call them "Punks." Someone thought it would be funny to pour an entire bag of flour over his head.

This was the first snowfall of the year. Becca and I made snowmen with chocolate chip cookie eyes.

I was so excited to see the snow!!