Monday, 13 April 2009

My 25th Birthday Celebration in Seoul, South Korea

Thanks to my wonderful husband and friends, I had the BEST 25th birthday celebration!! A group of us decided to go to Seoul to celebrate. After work, Becca, Trish and I had to meet the guys up in Seoul. When I picked the girls up after school, we were a little worried because we hadn't heard from the guys. We just got a text message from them saying they were "In a helicopter on the way to Seoul." We had no idea what this meant?? We were a little worried! Well, it turns out that very day, Matt's friend Torro and the Four Star General of Korea (Matt's friend is his executive) came to tour Kunsan for the day. As they were leaving, Torro knew Matt and his friends were headed to Seoul as well and asked if they wanted a ride!!!! So as us girls had to bare the 1.5 hour train ride up to Seoul, the guys were flying VIP in the General's helicopter...and it took them 1/2 the time to get there. They talked about this the ENTIRE trip!
As you can see from the pictures, we had the greatest time!!! It was one of the best birthday celebrations ever. We toured the Cheery Blossom Festival in Seoul, ate bugs and fruit on a stick, and took a cruise on the Han River. We were having so much fun that we left Seoul at 8pm on Sunday.....unfortunately, the boys had to ride back on the train with us :)

Here are all of the wonderful friends I met. Every Thursday, we have a "wine club" and watch movies, talk, ect. I am so lucky to have met such a great group of wives!

Becca and Trish on the train. This is right after this woman moved us to our own part of the train because we were "talking" to loud....

Here is our group eating at our favorite bar Geckos

Matt on the Subway. As you can see, he is the tallest one...

The girls and I trying to lead the way to the cheery blossom festival.

Matt picking me a flower....he is so sweet!!

The trees were so beautiful!!

We loved the trees, but not the millions of people...

We decided to climb the tree to get a better picture.

Matt and Becca enjoying the fruit on a stick.

Look close! This is a bug! People in Korea LOVE to eat these things!! They are on every street corner! Matt was mad I didn't go through with it....I just couldn't!

Here is a close up! They smell and taste as GROSS as they look!! Believe me!!!

Matt ate one...he said "they weren't that bad."

Our group on the Han River boat cruise. There was a total of 20 of us. The other table is on the other side of the boat.

Matt told them it was my birthday. They sang Happy Birthday to me in Korean. There were other people there celebrating their birthdays (we were the only foreigners). But when it was my turn to be sung to, the whole place gave me a standing was so funny!

My wonderful husband and I

The entertainment was belly was so random and unexpected!

Our table enjoying dinner.

Here I am outside on the deck with my balloon flowers they game me.

Here is all of the girls! We all had such a great evening!

The BEST 25th birthday a girl could ask for!