Monday, 30 March 2009

Dog on a Plane!!!!!

One of the ultimate highlights of our trip back to Arizona was bringing Argo, the retired Korean Air Base Service Dog, back to the United States for retirement. To make a long story short, when Matt's boss first came to Korea, he was shown all of the service and attack dogs used at Kunsan Air Base. Argo was a 13 year vet and was going to be retired. So his boss decided to adopt Argo and he needed Matt to bring him to Arizona to stay at his parents house until he leaves Korea in May. We were happy to do it, but were a little confused how the Koreans were going to let us bring such a big dog with us in the cabin of the plane!! We had NEVER seen anything like it! But apparently, United States military dogs and seeing eye dogs are the only animals allowed in the cabin of a plane without having to be in a cage. The only way Matt was able to bring Argo in the plane with us was if he had his Military gear on. And that is exactly what he did :)
There was a little bit of drama when we first tried to cross Korean immigration to board our flight in Seoul. The Koreans eyes were as big as seriously...they had NEVER seen anything like this and they were freaking out!!! We had about 10 immigration guards blocking our way and wondering why Argo wasn't in his cage, under the plane. After about 30 minutes of this drama, a spokes women from United Airlines had to come and physically escort us through the Incheon Airport and through immigration. After we made it on the plane, Argo the Service Dog (I believe he was a bomb sniffing dog) sat under our seats for 13+ hours and did not move, did not go to the bathroom, and did not bark!!!! I have NEVER seen a dog like this!! It was absolutely the craziest thing I have experienced!!! One of the flight attendants walked by and was absolutely shocked by the sight of Argo. We had been in the air for about 6 hours and she had served us drinks and food and said she had not once noticed him! She then proceeded to tell us that he was better then most of the passengers on the plane!! This is something I am NEVER going to forget!!!

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